Thursday 4 February 2010

A change from romantic roses!

I can quite honestly say that I have well & truly sickened myself of making red roses & valentine more.....& we haven't even got to the 14th yet!
As a little bit of light relief I decided I fancied putting together some little icing scenes &, do you know, for the 1st time in ages, I actually enjoyed doing them. It must have been because there wasn't a hint of a red rose or a heart anywhere to be seen!

I enjoyed making this little board so much that I set to on another icing scene..this time chocolate cupcakes!

Now I fancy making a real jam sandwich cake & having a big slice with a cup of tea!


Debbie said...

Looking lovely Lin.. I did the whole real baking bit last weekend, the family and friends enjoyed it all. But you know what they say "a moment on the lips". LOL

linsminis said...

I saw the fab photos on your blog Debbie..they made me wish I was coming for the weekend! Should've put a comment,but at the time I was dashing out to the dentist in preparation for a couple of implants...painful on both the mouth & the pocket!! I think I'll have to make some real ones & eat them before I have my teeth done & can't eat them for a while!! lol

Christel said...

Ohh how lovely Linda. The frosting looks unbelievably real:)

kimsminiatures said...

Wonderful mini baking Linda! I want to eat that icing. So tempting! I love the little cookies on the cakes. You are so very talented. Hugs~ Kim

Jo Raines said...

I so want to master these one day! For now I'll have to enjoy your beautiful creations!


About Me said...

Coucou Linda, I love the tender colors you tone for the cupcakes.
They are adorable!