Monday 10 February 2014

Escaping the relentless rain!

This time tomorrow I'll be in the air heading out to the heat of the desert! At least I hope it's going to be hot, the forecast for Wednesday in Al Ain is a mere 19C & guess what...yes...RAIN! At least that rain is going to be a whole lot warmer than the rain here in good old NE England!

I still have quite a long list of commissioned works to get done (not to mention filling the Portuguese dishes!) but as my middle daughter is due to give birth in March & will need my services as nurse, nanny, cleaner & chef, I thought I'd better fit in a visit to the youngest now! That's my excuse anyway & I'm sticking to it!

I have actually been organised enough this time to get several pieces ready & scheduled to pop up on eBay to finish when I get home! Amazingly unlike me! Here they are & I hope you like them!

 Someone has been making spaghetti bolognese & left the pans in a dirty heap!
 Italian breads!
 Fruit bowl
Tomato & basil bread