Thursday 22 October 2009

2 posts in 2 days..what's wrong with me?

I rather think I'm like a wait for hours for 1 & then 2 come along at the same time|! :-))
It's definitely Autumn here now...grey days with wind, rain & leaves blowing everywhere ....& as a result my thoughts have turned to the wonderful, hearty, warming dishes that only the British can produce(to cheer them up of course over the winter months! :-))..)
This is a wonderful stew that I remember from my in the bleak North East of England we needed these wholesome stews to see us through the long winters!! LOL On this litte, aged board are the ingredients to make one of the nicest meals you could ever "chefiness"..just good old fashioned food!!

Ingredients to make a "Jugged Hare"!

A version of this in the Kaye Browning Museum in Maysville, Kentucky & I have seen the odd skinned hare made in miniature since I first made them...sadly, I think the makers haven't actually seen a real life skinned hare & don't realise just how dark the meat is & how much fat is left on the carcass once the fur is taken off..which, of course, has to be performed while the hare is still warm!! I've done so many over the years & only stopped when I got a segment of tapeworm stuck underneath my finger nail! I've never skinned a rabbit or hare put me RIGHT off!! LOL..If anyone wants a "sick bag" just yell!!!! LOL

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Ooops! Half term has crept up on me!

Oh dear...half term has crept up on me! I've been so busy in the mini sweatshop fulfilling commissions & trying desperately to make stock for Kensington, that I hadn't realised just how quickly the time was going! My oldest, hubby & 3 kids will be descending this weekend so all mini making will stop for the next week & then I'm really going to go into the "pulling hair out" & panic mode as I realise that I have to get enough made to fill the table on 21st November...thank goodness it's only a 1 day people manage so many shows each month is beyond me..I think I must be too much of a perfectionist for my own good! :-((
I had to share with you a miniature version of an old fashioned English suet pud that I made "real size" last night for the hubby & myself...a Sussex pond pud..if you can find a recipe it's simply fabulous! The lemon is surrounded with brown sugar & cooked in a rich suet..when cooked & cut into the delicious, lemony caramel sauce oozes out...YUM!!

Then, instead of concentrating on making pieces for Kensington, I really fancied trying my hand at basket making agaain..having done so, I had to then fill it with rustic breads!

Somebody please make me get "my nose to the grindstone" because once half term week is over I just know I'm going to be in real panic mode!

Tuesday 13 October 2009


I was set a challenge by a very talented "virtual" friend..who shall remain nameless! She knows who she is recreate the food served at a mixed culture wedding! There were to be starters, main meals & desserts, one from each culture & 1 of each course had to be half eaten! After much umming & aahing over the not too clear photos I was provided with, at long last it's finished!!

Mushroom soup!

Goat's cheese tarts!

Cajun chicken!

Tikka Chicken!

Irish Lamb!

Bread & butter pudding!

Meringue nest!
It was certainly a challenge & I hope I've got it right for the customer...having just sent the photos to her, I have no idea or not whether it's what she wanted or not...just keep everything crossed that it is. otherwise you'll all hear me screaming & cursing in blogland!!

Saturday 10 October 2009

A new award!

OK, I received this award from MiniC
& as I'm so hopeless at working the blogger system, I hope I get it right!
Firstly, thank you Rosa! I just hope I can work out just how to get the award picture up there! Anyway, i'll try that one later! For now here are the rules!

1) Display the image of the prize and publish the rules.
2) Post the link of who won the prize.
3) Give 10 blogs dream to which award the prize.
4) Notice blogs listed. to the hard part...the blogs...10 of them, that's a lot!!

1) To Paloma:-
2) To Jeannette:-
3) To Christel Jensen:-
4) To Teresa:-
5) To Kiva:-
6) To Rachel:-
7) To Donna:-
8) To Linda:-
9) To Kim:- Kim, I know you've already had this one, but your work shouldn't be so fab!! :-))
10) To Ana:-

PHEW! That took some I've just got to remember to add a note on all these blogs!...I think I need a glass (at least 1!!) of wine before I attempt that one!...Now, can I manage the award there's a challenge for me!
WHEY HEY!!!!...I DID it!!

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Branching out into basket weaving!

As it's almost impossible to source decent basketware...apart that is, from Zara Ribeaud Thomson, whose baskets are breathtaking in their appearence & execution...a level of craftmanship in basket weaving that I can only ever dream of reaching..I decided to try & create my own version..humble though it might be in comparison..I was relatively pleased with the result!

I filled my humble 1st attempt at a basket with an Italian Dolcelatte, French Brie & the King of English cheese, A Stilton & added some fresh English apples, bread buns & a rustic bread! All in all, I'm quite satisfied with the result, although it would be SO much better in one of Zara's fabulous baskets!

If you get a chance, check out her fabulous work on

Sunday 4 October 2009

Back to reality!

Well, here I am, back in the cold NE of seems such a long tiime ago that I was melting in the heat of the United Arab Emirates desert!
Since I got back I don't seem to have had any time to do anything at all other than cut grass & clean the house...yet again...a man on his own for 10days is not good news!! LOL.
As I haven't had too much time for mini making I thought I'd show you Dubai in all its glory (as it's my birthday in October, my good old hubby paid for us to stay in the fabulous Mina A'Salam at Jumeirah,Dubai for 2 what luxury!) It was simply fabulous!!

So here is photographic evidence of myself (I'm the really rough looking one with the silver hair!!)& my youngest & her partner & the middle daughter, Brie, who makes sure I get my ass into gear to get out there! In the background is the fabulous Burj Al Arab & The Wave. The Emiratis are single handedly producing enough carbon dioxide for the world with their lights! The Burj at night is truly AWESOME! It goes through the colours of the rainbow & has laser lights at the top too...ALL night long!
This is my favourite photo from the holiday...totally politically incorrect of shows my cigs, a glass of raspberry mojito & the Burj reflected in the marble of the bar surface! I'm thinking of sending it to Embassy as a promotional photo! LOL

Maybe soon, when I've finished the backlog of commission work & trying to build up stock for Kensington on 21st's not too far away, I might have some miniatures to show you!
At least the escalator didn't eat me this time!! That could be because Brie made us get a taxi from Paddington back to Kilburn...just so her "not to be trusted Mum" was nowhere near the escalator at Kilburn! LOL