Saturday 26 May 2012

Jain Squires' drunken old lady!

As promised & if it hadn't been for you Patty...I'd never have remembered! is my special KDF purchase.A fabulous drunken old lady by the talented Jain Squires of Giddy Kipper Dolls

I have great plans for her....all I need now is the time to actually put them don't hold your breath on seeing anything in the near could take me years! :-))

I just love her wrinkled old face & the fact that she has no teeth in & has passed out clutching her bottle of kids say that she reminds them of me...charming!!!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Limeade for a mini friend!

I've got the refreshing homemade limeade now all I need is some sun & hot weather to go with it!

The wonderful Phil at glassscraft made the little carafes & glasses for me & all I did was make the rustic wooden tables with the limes & lemon on & fill the carafes & glasses! Makes me want to have the real thing!

Monday 14 May 2012

Freshly foraged mushrooms....

I'm still away in London after a flying visit to see 2 of my kids.....managing to fit in a quick, but expensive visit to KDF on saturday as a buyer & not a seller this time! It was good to take a look at all the fabulous works of art displayed there & to meet up with some mini making friends! I came away with a fabulously different little character from Jain at Giddy Kipper dols & when I get home & sorted out I'll be showing her off...I have great plans for all I need is the time to put the plan together.... In the meantime, before I left for London I managed to finish a little barrel of foraged 'shrooms & here they are!

Thursday 3 May 2012

Who can't help but love fresh rhubarb?

About the only good thing about this cold, grey & miserable weather we are suffering in UK for the past couple of months is that my rhubarb has never looked (or tasted) better than it does this year! It seems to be thriving in this miserable weather!.....are we ever going to have some warmth...I'm seriously beginning to think that we will never get summer here this year!

You know by now that I like to make a mini of my food faves of the moment so here's one of the little baskets that I made in the quiet moments of "new baby" duties filled with freshly picked rhubarb..although I have to say that the leaves on my real rhubarb are 3 times the size of the mini variety!

At the same time, I'm still going through a craving for cheese...any cheese, at any time! Last night's offering to my craving was a delicious baked Camembert &....yes, you guessed it...I made one in mini too....:-)