Saturday 25 July 2009

donuts & cupcakes

Yes....yet more damned pretty cupcakes! To go with the cupcakes are some pastel pretty donuts. For someone who has a sweet tooth..give me chocolate at any time of the day, I really just don't understand the fashion for cupcakes or even iced donuts..(Sigh!!)
Here are just a few of the ones I've been working on over the last week!

Then there are some of the iced donuts!

Now I need CHOCOLATE! :-))

Thursday 16 July 2009

Lobster last!

How many months ago now did I say that I had the urge to not only eat, but also make a miniature version of a lobster thermidor..too many to remember!
As I've just taken on a commission to make loads of the dreaded cupcakes along with donuts, I needed to make something savoury before I know how I just LOVE cupcakes, real or mini!! So here it is at last! A lobster thermidor with lettuce & quarterd tomato!

Now I'm hoping that I might get to eat the "real" thing tomorrow as it's my 30something wedding anniversary...I gave up counting on the 25th anniversary...just think I could have murdered my good old hubby & been "out" by now! :-)). Sadly though, I think the only lobster I'll be seeing is the polymer clay one as there's very little chance of the hubby remembering never mind taking me anywhere to celebrate!! Oh well!

Sunday 12 July 2009


Things are so very quiet round here now that my youngest, Kim & her boyfriend Dr Tom, have left to travel back to the UAE so I've been keeping myself occupied in my veggie garden. After the disastrous summer (or rather, lack of summer!) last year when absolutely everything, except the broad beans, drowned, this year everything is looking so good that I can't wait for the time to pick all the goodies!
I'm so desperate for the beetroot to be ready that I disappeared into my mini sweatshop last night & to make up for lack of the "real" thing I made myself a bunch of beetroot......

....& then decided to make a representation of my all time favourite way of eating beetroot...pickled in deliciously aromatic pickling spices!!...Roll on harvest time!

Saturday 4 July 2009

Happy Independence Day USA!

Here's to all my friends across "The Pond"...have a wonderful celebration today!
Thought you might like to share some little nibbles I made for last year's July 4th! Things have been just so hectic this year that I haven't actually made anything for the celebration. But...I haven't forgotten about you all...Have a GREAT day!
An "Uncle Sam" hat cake!

....& some patriotic cookies!

My work rate will be severely stretched this week as my youngest & her boyfriend have braved a visit back to good old Durham for a week...even though we are having the hottest weather we've seen for 3 years (thank goodness..I LOVE it!)...they are COLD! I suppose when you think they've left 49-55 degrees C & have come to 25 degrees C it's understandable! :-))