Thursday 24 June 2010

Lobster Ravioli

In this lovely weather we've been having...even in the North East of England for a change!.....I've been wishing that I was back in Cornwall, bobbing about in my boat, aimlessly hand-line fishing for mackerel...& being able to enjoy some of the freshest, most delicious seafood in Britain but,sadly, I'm not...that's just wishful thinking on my behalf :-((
Instead I imagined that I was cleaning a real lobster, just taken from the lobster pot & making it into a delicately rich lobster ravioli, drenched in a creamy lobster sauce...oh dear now I'm drooling over my keyboard LOL

The lettuce & tomato are the obligatory "healthy" touch...... :-))

Monday 14 June 2010

There's a rumour Summer might come tomorrow!

The rain has stopped...for now....& the forecasters say that summer might come over the next few days...I don't really believe them though!  We were promised a "BBQ Summer" again this year & I'm sure if I was to BBQ under an umbrella with thermal underwear on, they might have been right! LOL
I've been working on a lemon meringue pie set over the last couple of days...crazy really, it takes soooooo much longer to make the mini version than it does the "real" version... that was made & eaten 2 days ago & this was just finished this afternoon!
Typically Auctiva's site is down for update, just when I wanted to write the listing to go onto eBay I thought I'd make this post while I was waiting!

Saturday 12 June 2010

This season's 1st peas!!

I was  working in my veggie garden the other day...making the most of a dry day for a change & I just couldn't resist eating the 1st couple of pea pods ...they could probably have done with a day or two more to "fatten up"...but they were gorgeous! That lead me to thinking how sad it was that the English asparagus season is all but over, off I went into my workshop & for the rest of the day (& night!!), worked on a little English pea & asparagus basket & here it is!

Thursday 10 June 2010

3 Tiers of Chocolate Flake Extravagance!

Guess's still raining here!
Not only is it raining but I swear it's reverted to winter....15degrees, windy, grey & wet....but at least I'm not feeling guilty for working on the backlog of mini work!
Trouble is that, as I "work" at home, people see absolutely nothing wrong in dropping in for coffee & after the 6th person to call for coffee today, I was nearly at screaming pitch! The only answer is a mobile home in one of the fields...Debbie, I'm so jealous of yours!! LOL
By the skin of my teeth, between making coffees & endlessly listening to chatter, feeding & cleaning out hens, washing, ironing, hoovering & of course waiting on the crippled husband (this is becoming SUCH a PIA.....NO I'm not a good nurse...not anymore!)...I actually managed to finish this & get it listed to eBay tonight....phew!
It's only been sitting on my workbench since I made the original with summer fruits cascading down it!

Sunday 6 June 2010

It's raining today!

I'm usually heard to moan & groan at length when the weather reverts to the normal grey, miserable & wet that we get so much of here in the North East of England, but today I'm so pleased to see the grey skies & rain again! I've got an excuse not to be working in the garden hedge cutting, grass cutting & generally wearing myself into the ground!
It means that at last I can actually get into my workshop & try to catch up on the backlog of work that seems to have grown into a huge mountain over the last week or two! Not to mention that I don't have to spend an hour watering the hundreds of plants that I've put in over the last couple of weeks....they'd better be in full bloom on 21st August for the wedding!
The grandchildren have gone home & all the bed linens have been washed, ironed & put back on for the next visit.....things are awfully quiet round here now so you'd think I'd have managed to get such a lot of work such luck...emails needing replies seemed endless, the house was in desperate need of a clean, people kept "popping in" for coffee but finally, I actually managed to make this little cheese display. I should of course, have been working on the commission backlog, but, hey...tomorrow's another day, surely I'll get it done then?

Wednesday 2 June 2010

A very quick post!

When I explain that I have my 3 Grandchildren....all under 8 & their mother & father here for the half term week you might understand why this is a VERY quick post!! LOL
I truly amazed myself by actually managing to make this little basket full of pomegranates, with one halved..but then, that was only half the story! I then had to fit in taking the photos, uploading them & then writing the listing so that I could get it onto eBay tonight....all this in the middle of making spaghetti bolognese for dinner......HELP!!
PS..if there are any mistakes in the listing or this post'll understand just why!!!