Monday 14 June 2010

There's a rumour Summer might come tomorrow!

The rain has stopped...for now....& the forecasters say that summer might come over the next few days...I don't really believe them though!  We were promised a "BBQ Summer" again this year & I'm sure if I was to BBQ under an umbrella with thermal underwear on, they might have been right! LOL
I've been working on a lemon meringue pie set over the last couple of days...crazy really, it takes soooooo much longer to make the mini version than it does the "real" version... that was made & eaten 2 days ago & this was just finished this afternoon!
Typically Auctiva's site is down for update, just when I wanted to write the listing to go onto eBay I thought I'd make this post while I was waiting!


Christel said...

Hello dear Linda:)
This piece and prep board is fantastic:) I love lemon pie!! Hope the sun will shine on you tomorrow. Hugs:)

Tiny Delights said...

The Lemom pie is incredible!!
The prep board is sooo real. Love the lemons and the lemon juice :)


Betty said...

Your lemon meringue pie looks so much better than mine! It sucks that auctiva is down but you don't need auctiva to show off your work on ebay! :D

Ascension said...

La mes a de preparacion es una verdadera maravilla!!!
El merengue de limon, no podia haberte quedado mas real, enhorabuena!!!!
besitos ascension

Arantxa Fariña said...

Congratulations Linda!!
The limon pie are perfect,it's so real


cockerina said...

oh!! it's incredible!!!
too beautiful!
kisses, Caterina

Wanda said...

Hi Linda,
We have similar weather conditions, thankfully we have our miniatures to enjoy when the weather is not so enjoyable. I love the lemon pie, fantastic work!

Daisy said...


Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

I adore the lemon pie in real life, and your prep' board is so perfect that I definitely want eat one of these pies now!!!!

Garden of Miniatures said...

Oh wow,it is perfect and the pie looks so yummi .Hugs,Jeannette

Jo Raines said...

Beautiful and refreshingly delicious! I need to make one of these in full size for my family--it would surprise them as I don't bake! I love it.


KC-Design said...

Such fantastic!!

LaBelleCuisine Miniaturas / ShabbyParis Dolls said...

The prep table is perfect! And the lemon pie with merengue looks delicious... :b

Belinda said...

ooooo that looks real !!!

Hanna said...

Love the prep table, it has everything there should be! Lemon meringue pie is my favorite dessert... and yours looks even tastier then the real ones I use to buy at cafés!

Minnie Kitchen said...

oh yum! that is beautiful~