Saturday 2 November 2013

Time to get some sun, sea, sand & mojitos!

That time has come around again...I'm off to see my youngest in the lovely hot UAE & I can't say I'll miss the grey, miserable & cold of the North East of England. Two weeks of glorious, uninterrupted blue sky & heat....can't wait!
It seems to have been a very chaotic time for me over the last few months & I have been really struggling to keep up with commission work at the same time as keeping eBay going....I really just don't have enough hours in the day & if anyone can give me a day with at least 48hrs in it, I'd gladly pay!!

I have managed, by the skin of my teeth to get some pieces that will eventually be scheduled (probably just before I board the flight to UAE if things carry on like this!) to make an appearance on eBay while I'm away & here are some!

I'm looking forward to sitting in the early morning heat, while everyone else is in bed, with a cup of coffee & weaving a few baskets!