Monday 27 February 2012

Not long until Easter!

As I will be otherwise engaged with a real life "mini" in the heat of the desert soon, I thought I'd better make a start on Easter this miniature world of ours I always seem to be wishing my life away & making pieces for the if time doesn't go quickly enough as it is!

The first piece I managed to complete was a little "Icing Easter Cupcakes" prep board...I just LOVE making prep boards but always run out of space to get everything I want onto them...anyone else have that problem?

This one is heading eBay's way tonight!

I've been wanting to make this next one for several years now, but just never got round to it. It's my mini version of the awesomely talented cake maker, Karen Goble's "Easter Egg Basket Cake"...could you imagine how the kids would love to be presented with this at tea time on Easter Day! :-))

Saturday 25 February 2012

From fish to fruit!

Fish is finished for now & fruit has taken over!
I'm trying to get everything done & finished before I get the call to fly out to the desert...15th March is the expected date for the baby, but who could be tomorrow....although I hope not 'cos I'm not ready! :-)

It can be found here!

and the basket that started it all!

Saturday 18 February 2012

Back to the fishy things!

Remember my "fishy" phase, well, it seems that I'm still in it.  That could be because I'm still, yes STILL, plodding my way through a commission...I can't remember a time when it's taken me soooo long to get work could be because at the same time I'm knitting baby cardigans & crocheting cot blankets for the imminent arrival of grandchild number 4 around 15th March!

I blame you Kim!!!

The problem is that I have to be ready to drop everything & fly out to UAE when I get the call to take on "new baby" duties & everything has to be finished by then......keep your fingers crossed for me that I get it all done! :-))
As a "spin off" from the commissioned rollmops this little barrel of them was born!

& the original.....a barrel of gherkins & one of rollmops!

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Veggies, veggies & more veggies!

I seem to have a problem when I get an idea to make something & once I start don't seem able to stop! What started out as 1 basket of veggies somehow turned into 3!
I have a feeling that it'll be a while before I make some more!

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Memories of Cornwall

After a recent visit to my beloved Cornwall 5 years after having left it, I just had to re-create a Cornish cream tea in mini......light, moist fruit scones, deliciously rich & calorific clotted cream & jam...I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it!

We used to sit in the gorgeous sunshine on the terrace of  a hotel in St Mawes, having arrived by boat on our way home from a fishing trip, or shopping in Falmouth, to look out at the never ending activity of boats on the sparkling waters of the Carrick Roads, while eating one of these gorgeous teas...we needed the strength after a strenuous day at sea......simply heaven in all respects!
Can you tell I still miss it.........