Monday 4 March 2013

No magic mushrooms in here!

I got quite excited this weekend as we had two whole days of sunshine  it was actually quite warm! Not exactly sunbathing weather, but lovely for getting on with some of the "tidying up" after what seems to have been a very long winter! Too good to be true though & as usual it hasn't lasted long & now we are back to grey skies & a damn cold wind.......when will Spring get here....I'm getting so sick of waiting!
At least I didn't feel guilty being in my workshop when it was so depressing outside & had a good time, as well as the odd case of swearing when the little 'shrooms either didn't work as I wanted, or even worse, fell on the floor & led to me spending a lot of time crawling around trying to find something that had taken me nearly 10 minutes to make!
Not only do I have my little basket filled, but I also have a pan of edible fresh mushroom soup that I made with the "real" mushroom I used for the photo! So, all in all, quite productive!! :-)