Monday 26 September 2011

Cupcake Overload!

I think I got a little carried away making these little rose cupcake bouquets! 2 days & 2 nights later, I think I've had more than enough of them now!
They were inspired by the most gorgeous gift rose cupcake bouquets from Mulberry Teacup based in St John's Wood, London & if you should fancy treating yourself or someone special to the "real" & edible kind, check out their site!

I'm off in a few days to have some sun, sea & sand...lots of it.....out in the UAE. Can't wait!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

What happened to Autumn?

I have no idea what has happened to Autumn here in the NE of England...not only did we not have much of a summer....again...but Autumn seems to have skipped straight into winter! It's freezing outside today, a gale is blowing & I swear that's not rain but hailstones battering the windows!
It's so miserable & cold that I've been making winter comfort foods for the last few days...there's nothing nicer than a hearty stew or a rich beef pie so, of course I had to work on the mini version too & here it is! If you get a magnifier you can actually follow the recipe if you want! :-))

Sunday 18 September 2011

Hubble Bubble Toil & Trouble!

This was great fun, if a challenge to make! A witches cauldron with an octopus type creature being boiled with bones, fingers & eyeballs! The  challenging bit came in getting the ladle to "float" above the cauldron whilst pouring out some of the green gunk to be found in the cauldron!

Do you think a witch might actually want a cauldron like this? :-))

Wednesday 14 September 2011

More Hallowe'en Goodies!

I can't believe that I'm making Hallowe'en pieces's only September, but as I'm heading off to the desert to see my youngest very soon, I thought I'd better get on with it! That & the fact that I've been asked for Hallowe'en pieces has meant that I've had about wishing your life away!

I always seem to make life difficult for myself too & instead of putting these little tarts on the usual cakestand, I had to make one myself as I had this picture of a cakestand featuring a witch.  Not an easy task for me, trying to make sure that the "plate" was level on the stand was a nightmare...but I won in the end! Now I really fancy a kiln to make my own plates (instead of using clay) & a lathe for wood turning........but I need to win the lottery first!

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Mad Hatter's hat cake!

More fun in the workshop! I was asked some time ago to come up with a Mad Hatter's hat cake that was a little different to the normal....I dragged my feet on this one as I have never been, & don't think ever will be, a fan of Alice in Wonderland .....shock horror! Other than Jefferson Airplane's great classic track, "White Rabbit", there was never an appeal in the books to me either as a child or an adult!
All that aside, once I actually forced myself to get going, I quite enjoyed making this...although it's a little larger than my normal work at just under 2" to the top of the teapot (which incidentally is pouring out hot chocolate & not tea!) needed to be this size so that I could incorporate the porcelain teapot without it looking totally out of scale & silly! it is, I hope you like it! (thank goodness my customer loves it....phew!)

Friday 2 September 2011

Hallowe'en is coming!

Hallowe'en is on its way & although I'm not a fan of "themed" work as I have enough trouble kitting out my dolls house as it is & could never imagine changing the pieces displayed inside to fit a particular time of year! One year I did actually decorate one of them for Christmas, but that was the first & last time!

This little piece I had great fun with though & already have ideas for other floating pieces...just not too much time to make them reality....once I've finished feathering cock pheasants though, look out for "floaters" of all kinds!