Monday 27 June 2011 last!

Yes....finally summer has arrived but it seems that it's only going to last a few days! Wimbledon is in its second week, strawberries are while picking some of my ripening strawberries a couple of days ago the inspiration to create a mini version of the French dessert Le Fraisier was born & here it is!  Somehow I don't think I'll be bothering making the real thing......I prefer my strawberries in the simple, good old fashioned English way......with LOADS of fresh English cream!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Broken Jars & Stilton!

What a contrast! A really lovely "mini" friend asked me to make her a broken jar of here it is! Thank you Jeannette..I really enjoyed doing this one! Then in my usual fashion, I decided that I just had to make a mini Stilton....the cheese I love best in the world, but sadly, can't eat anymore as I've developed a severe allergic reaction to any kind of blue cheese......I still crave it though & making a mini version at least makes me feel as though I've been eating some!

Saturday 18 June 2011

Hidden treasures in my "stock" drawers!

I can't believe that I found this little gem hidden in my "stock" drawer!  I made 3 of this last year....1 is in a private collection in the States, the other in my own collection & this poor thing was lurking, hidden, at the back of my drawer! I rather think eBay is calling its'll be listed tonight, as I was so involved in making a replica of the chocolate digestive refrigerator cake that featured in Prince William's wedding that all other work has taken a back seat.....another way of saying that I have nothing newly created to offer for sale! :-))

 I have to say that, as usual, the photo just doesn't do this little cake justice! It measures 45mm to the top of the highest spire & the dragon & poisonous mushroom base measures 30mm in diameter.........every little girl's dream birthday cake! LOL

Saturday 11 June 2011

The last of the oranges!

Hopefully this is the end of the orange making frenzy!

The little basket shows that I wasn't completely on holiday out in the UAE......this is one of quite a few that I made after the serious sunbathing of the day ended & they were made while sipping strawberry daiquiris or mojitos or margaritas....after a while the baskets got better? & god only knows exactly what I was drinking! :-))

Thursday 9 June 2011

Making marmalade!

I have no idea at all why I decided to put this little display together.......I just had to do it even though it meant that I had to get my resin out & usually I drag my feet about using that icky, sticky stuff...but hopefully I won't need to get it out again for a while!

I even made the tiny jam that was fun to do!!

Saturday 4 June 2011

something savoury for a change!

With 3 grandchildren & their parents here for half term...I think the kids are less trouble than the adults...there has been very little time to get into my mini workshop & one of the few pieces to actually get out of there is this little egg, mixed pepper & olive salad.

I know when they leave for home next week things are going to be very quiet round here...but perhaps I might get some work done...if the sun doesn't shine of course........