Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hidden treasures in my "stock" drawers!

I can't believe that I found this little gem hidden in my "stock" drawer!  I made 3 of this last year....1 is in a private collection in the States, the other in my own collection & this poor thing was lurking, hidden, at the back of my drawer! I rather think eBay is calling its'll be listed tonight, as I was so involved in making a replica of the chocolate digestive refrigerator cake that featured in Prince William's wedding that all other work has taken a back seat.....another way of saying that I have nothing newly created to offer for sale! :-))

 I have to say that, as usual, the photo just doesn't do this little cake justice! It measures 45mm to the top of the highest spire & the dragon & poisonous mushroom base measures 30mm in diameter.........every little girl's dream birthday cake! LOL


julie campbell said...

Oh Linda, its fab and I wish it were mine, I will keep an eye out for the auction !
julie xx

Linda Carswell said...

Linda what a delightful little cake....may I please come and clean out your stock!! goodness, what else must get 'hidden' away???

Garden of Miniatures said...

This lovely cake reminds me at the time when my children were little.On every birthday they wished these fantasy cakes :-) ! Hugs,Jeannette

Patty said...

What a wonderful cake!!! I love it......good luck with your auction! I am sure there will be a bidding war!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Es un pastel precioso y original.

Maria said...

That's a dream of a fairy-tail cake. Look good in your drawers, you never know what more there is in there.