Sunday 26 January 2014

Portuguese dishes!

I love nothing better than a challenge....I face one every day living with my hubby! :-)

This, though, was a challenge I really enjoyed...I needed some typical Portuguese dishes for a commission for a good mini friend, so decided to have a go myself!

I'm really quite pleased with the way they have turned out, it seems a shame to fill them with food!

Thursday 16 January 2014

A Bread Shortage?

There's certainly no shortage of bread in my mini workshop right now! It seemed that, once I started making a few breads, they multiplied & kept on multiplying.....I couldn't seem to stop making them. They are all hand sculpted too as I am absolutely hopeless with moulds of any kind & have been known to waste a whole tub of silicon mould trying to get a useable mould from my original piece! In the time I wasted trying, I could've made a dozen freehand!

These are just half of the loaves I've been making over the last couple of all started because I wanted to make an "overfilled baker's rack" for my good friend Marlene to auction in the next fundraising auction in Feb (she has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has metastasized to her brain & has no medical insurance - living in Texas, that is an awful situation to be in - here in the UK we are so lucky not to have to need health insurance, although over the years we do pay for our health service through our taxes!)
Here are the results of all those hours of bread making! With quite a few left over too.....

Tuesday 7 January 2014

A Fishy Time!

Happy New Year!
Although Christmas is lovely, having all the family here, it's also lovely to see the end of it & a return to normality! I have actually managed to get back into the workshop & start on a long list of commission work that has had to take a backseat over the long holiday!

Although making all those tiny tentacles for the prawns nearly drove me mad, I think the end result is worth all those hours!