Saturday 23 January 2010

Anybody would think I was a romantic!

I'm really not! I don't think I was ever a romantic, when all my friends were desperate for the post on Feb 14th,for me there were always far more interesting things to pursue!
I'll forgive you for thinking that I am a fan of Valentine's day as all I seem to making at the moment are sickly sweet lover's offerings! The trouble is that whenever I mix a colour to work with, I always end up with far too much & just can't bring myself to waste it...hence so many cakes with hearts & now red roses!

This is one of several chocolate & red rose hearts that I've been working on to try & use the red & pink clays littering my workbench. I have to be honest & say that I got so very sick of making hundreds of red roses that the last of the mix "accidentally" fell on the floor so, of course I had to throw it out then as I couldn't possibly use it with bits of fluff attached to it! That's my excuse anyway & I'm sticking to it!!
Then there's this one...see what I mean about the overdosing on red roses? -))

Would you believe that there are another 3 variations on this theme!
I can definitely say now that my Valentine phase is FINISHED for this year!!

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Hearts & ribbons!

The Valentines "bug" has bitten me well & truly...I've got a workbench full of tiny red hearts & roses...God knows how many cakes I'm going to have to make to use them all up!
This one is a "Valentine Table Cake"...for some reason I found myself draping the fondant icing into folds at the corners of the cakes like a tablecloth. If I've ever seen a cake like this, Valentine or not, then I have no idea where it could have been..this was simply one of those pieces that just "evolved"! Different it certainly is!!

Back to all those hearts & roses now. :-))

Saturday 16 January 2010

Is Love All Around?

Christmas is over for another year, Cadbury's Easter eggs are on sale already & I'm making valentines about wishing your life away! Time goes quickly enough as it is, doesn't it?
I started my Valentines pieces in the usual pretty, sickly way & then, as I do, left those pretty cakes & cupcakes in my UFO pile & went off on a tangent! I decided I wanted to be a little different & make a Valentine Bouquet of here it is...two days & nights of work...worth it in the end though!

If only I could take decent photos...whenever I try to take a piece on my finger, the lighting goes all to pot...I keep persevering though because it's a great way to show the size of a piece & might dissuade anyone from accidentally thinking that this is a real, edible offering! Yes, I have had them :-))

This "little" piece measures 10mm x 10mm x 25mm to the top of the highest cookie.
The worst part to create was the damned ribbon bow on the front of the little box...any florists out there who may happen to read this....step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated!!

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Thoughts of Summer!

I'm beginning to get a little sick & tired of the snow now....6 weeks is enough, I think it should bugger off now!(excuse my language!)I've been forcing myself to complete an order for jars of preserves that, to be quite honest, I really haven't enjoyed would you like rolling thousands of tiny blueberries to put into a preserve when you know that they aren't really going to be visible in the end product?! Then making hundreds of tiny apple slices & half apricots......BUT... the end is in sight, so I thought I'd treat myself to a little bit of light relief! I'm so sick of the snow now that I decided to cheer myself up with thoughts of summer.....hence this...the Summer Fruit "Jewel Fruit Tart".

Each floret of the puff pastry flower is filled with creme anglaise(apologies for the lack of accents...I do know they should be there & there's always some kind person all ready to point it out to me!!!)& fresh summer fruits in apple syrup! Roll on summer!

Saturday 9 January 2010

A Candy Toyland!

I told you I was like a bus...nothing for ages & then 2 posts in one night..there really is no hope for me!
I was asked quite some time ago now...I'm too embarrassed to tell you just how long ago it was, suffice to say that it was pre-Christmas :-)) to create a candy toyland. Ideas weren't just slow in coming, they were just not there for weeks! Out of the blue one day I just decided that it was to take the form of a giant candy teacup & saucer & at last the piece evolved from that thought! I can only hope that my customer is happy with it as I'd hate to have to re-think the concept...that could take me another few months!!

The little candy train & track seemed to take forever to do & I don't think I'll be doing another tiny helter skelter again, candy or not! Overall the saucer measures just over an inch & a half & to the top of the helter skelter an inch & a half, so you can imagine how small the little train is!!

Things have been V quiet in the mini sweatshop!

I can't believe that it's been sooo long since I've posted! To be brutally honest, very little has been happening in my mini sweatshop over the last month...what with having a houseful for Christmas & New Year & then the snow, that means looking after my animals takes so much time, the hours in the days have just vanished into thin air!
Unlike most of the people in the UK, I actually LOVE the reminds me of growing up in one of the NE of England's highest villages, Tow Law, where we were cut off for 6 weeks every year...the snow we have now is pretty pathetic in comparison & yet we are urged all day long "not to drive unless your journey is absolutely necessary"...what a load of rubbish...English people have become so very soft that it's laughable!!
I may be like a bus again today...not one for ages & then 2 come at once, as I'm hoping to take photos of a commission that I have, at last finished & if I don't run out of hours again, I might get them posted!!
Meanwhile, would you believe that inside this brooding ark is a hen & her 3 chicks!! I'll bet she's regretting that urge to hatch some eggs now...silly bird!! I'm happy to report though, that all 3 are doing well!