Saturday 9 January 2010

A Candy Toyland!

I told you I was like a bus...nothing for ages & then 2 posts in one night..there really is no hope for me!
I was asked quite some time ago now...I'm too embarrassed to tell you just how long ago it was, suffice to say that it was pre-Christmas :-)) to create a candy toyland. Ideas weren't just slow in coming, they were just not there for weeks! Out of the blue one day I just decided that it was to take the form of a giant candy teacup & saucer & at last the piece evolved from that thought! I can only hope that my customer is happy with it as I'd hate to have to re-think the concept...that could take me another few months!!

The little candy train & track seemed to take forever to do & I don't think I'll be doing another tiny helter skelter again, candy or not! Overall the saucer measures just over an inch & a half & to the top of the helter skelter an inch & a half, so you can imagine how small the little train is!!


DollMum said...

wow, so this photo is larger than the actual size. Amazing and very colourful.

TreeFeathers said...

Oh it's darling! I'm sure your customer will be thrilled!

- Grace

DLSarmywife said...

Oh my goodness...that is amazing!!! I am sure your customer will be delighted. =D

Linda Carswell said...

Linda this is a 'mini masterpiece'...such an exciting little piece to view. So much happening with all those colours & shapes!!
You certainly have a wonderful imagination!

Regards, Linda

KC-Design said...

Oh my God, what a fantasic littel piece!! Your customer will be very very happy!!!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Lol Linda, I'm pretty sure your customer will be delighted, at least because he/she doesn't want to wait another couple of months :D

I love it anyway, terribly cute and full of amazing details!


Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Muy bonito Linda!