Wednesday 16 September 2009

It's NEVER too late for a picnic!!

I know I've been pretty lax recently with my blog posts...just blame the pressure of old age & commission work! There just aren't enough hours in each day..PLEASE somebody give me more!! Between running the house & the garden (although there are only the two of us at the moment, my dear old Hubby counts for at least 3 people on his own!! LOL)& trying my very best to keep up with orders, I just run out of time every day!
I'm heading out to the UAE again at the weekend to spend some time in the sun...oh &, of course, with my youngest & her "partner" I've been desperately trying to finish all the UFO's (for the uninitiated..."unfinished objects"!)that are littering my is one that has been "work in progress" for at least 2 months!! :_)) last, I've finished it! As summer (did we actually have one here in the UK?!) has now gone I decided to give it the title of "It's never too late for a picnic"! Believe is too late here in the North East of England, unless, of course, you were to put on thermal underwear & ski-ing gear...then perhaps.....!! LOL

By the way, to all those who read my blog (& I thank you!!)remember my last visit to UAE when on my return the escalator "ate" me.....please pray that this time it decides to eat somebody else & leaves me in peace!! LOL

Saturday 5 September 2009

A nice change from the "Sweet Stuff"!!

Even though there seems to be an inexhaustible market out there for the "sweet stuff", I get so very sick of just making cakes, chocolates, pastries etc etc ad infinitum & I was really craving a meal of fresh scallops. Having lived for so long in SW Cornwall & having my own supply of fresh scallops & mussels, I guess I became complacent about just how good they were...sadly they are part of what I miss the most about not being there anymore! So, to try & make myself feel more "at home", I decided that if I couldn't have the real thing, a miniature version was better than nothing!

What I wouldn't give to have a basket like this..maybe a few more mussels, & DEFINITELY "real" right now! For once, I wouldn't mind being in the real kitchen cooking them! mmmmm...seared scallops in a wine & cream sauce with a few mussels...a fabulous dream!