Saturday 25 May 2013

Sun, sun & yet more last!

Yes, I'm off again to get some sun out in the UAE......2 weeks of 45 - 50 degrees C is going to be quite a shock after the freezing gales & rain that we have been having here all "spring". I can only pray that "summer" is going to be better!
Having said that, today has been a glorious day & the forecast is for another good one tomorrow...but then...guess what....yep, back to gales & rain, but it won't bother then I'll be in the air & on my way to some lovely sun (&, of course my cutie of a granddaughter!....I suppose here I should also mention my wonderful youngest daughter & her hubby, who put up with me & my middle daughter for 2 whole weeks!) I do actually work for my keep though...I'll be busy in her kitchen re-stocking her freezer for her!
I have been busy making some bits & pieces to make an appearance on eBay while I'm away & I thought you might like to see a sneak preview of what I have been up to!

4 tiers of oh so pretty, pastel cupcakes...ribbons & all!!


A basket of freshly picked veggies!

A basket of plums & peaches......& finally.....

A Harvest Of Sweet Chestnuts........making all those nuts nearly drove ME nuts!
Sun, sand & plenty of I come!