Wednesday 21 December 2011

A time for weddings!

I'm not at all sure just why people decide to get married at the busiest time of the year...but would you believe that 2 family members ( the hubby's side...not mine!) decided to get married - one on the 17th Dec & the next on New Year's Eve! the week before Christmas Day & one the week after.....&, on top of that, they are in opposite ends of the country!
The one in London is over & as a Christmas present for the newest member of the Cummings clan, I have just finished making a miniature replica of the brides wedding cake.....thank goodness it was a simple, classic design! Hopefully she'll like it!

Wednesday 14 December 2011

oops...wishing my life away!

Oh dear....I know I can't wait for Christmas to be over for another year but even I was surprised to see that when watermarking my latest auction...a lemonade & cookie display (see I'm already thinking of summer!) I actually put 2012 instead of 2011 & just didn't notice!

Here is the offending photo & for some reason I can't get my photo editing programme to change it's to 2012!

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody & here's raising a glass of lemonade :-)) to a healthy & happy 2012!

Monday 12 December 2011

A touch of nostalgia & a talented friend's blog!

I told you that I was finished for Christmas this year...wouldn't it be better if we could only celebrate it once every , say, 5 years!!
Before everybody shouts "Bah Humbug" & "Scrooge" (yes, I'm the original scrooge lol) at me, I thought I'd share 2 things with you poor, long suffering blog readers....
First...a touch of nostalgia...does anyone remember those sugary sweet pink & white mice from their childhood.....

& here's the "real" thing...yes, you can still buy the "real" thing!.... with tiny clay ones marching up its back!

Now I'd love you to take a look at my friend Aleah Klay's blog...she makes the most gorgeous teeny, tiny, cute animals...I know, I'm lucky enough to have a couple!

Thursday 8 December 2011

I've had enough of Christmas......

It hasn't even got here yet & I'm fed up with Christmas already! I've had enough of making Christmas cakes & cookies & gingerbread men etc etc remembered  those little rose cupcakes I made a while ago & yay..I had enough left to put together this little sugar crystal filled vase!

It was so good to meet some of my internet friends at Kensington on Saturday....hello Rosanna! Now I've got tp try & make a start on the "real" preparations for Christmas.......