Monday 30 November 2009

My submission!

I'm still patently waiting for my Fellow submission to arrive back. It was apparently posted last Monday so I've got everything crossed that it arrives soon...I just don't trust our postal services too much & despite asking for it to be sent insured so that it could be tracked, it was sent ordinary airmail! I was cleaning out some old files on my comp today & came across pictures that I took to send with the pieces...I had forgotten all about them! What it is to be going senile!

If I could only learn to work with Photoshop, I'd have put them all together in one of these days I'll get round to it, but at the moment I try, swear like a trooper when it all goes wrong & then bin hours of work that's got me absolutely nowhere!
I know I've said it before but Zara Thomson Ribeaud makes the most fantastic baskets, 2 of them are pictured here( & I might add, the pics just don't do them justice!). The plate displaying the asparagus was handpainted by Christopher Whitford & supplied by", the beautiful crystal cakestand was made by Jim Irish, a former master cutter at Waterford Crystal & the cooling rack for the cherry pie by Carol Lester in UK.
It was an expensive business applying & I'm not sure that if I hadn't succeeded, I would have been submitting again! :-))
Keep everything crossed for me that this parcel is not one of the thousands that go missing!

Friday 13 November 2009

We are Jolly Good FELLOWS!!!!

Whey Hey! Sorry no photos with this posting..I'm so snowed under trying desperately to make stock for Kensington...but I just had to let you know that both my GF Kiva Atkinson & myself are now Igma FELLOWS!! While she's celebrating with one or two beers..I have to console myself with a coffee as it's only 9.30am here...but when tonight comes.......
Congratulations very well deserved!! :-))))

Sunday 8 November 2009

Feathered & Furred!

OK, I shouldn't be here doing this, I've suddenly realised that I've only got a week & a half before I have to be ready to up sticks down to Kensington! HELP!! So I'm going to have to work my butt off from now on!
Last year as soon as the doors opened a lady came literally running across to my table looking for a gutted & furred rabbit or hare &, guess what...I hadn't made any!! Oh dear! Sooo, this year I was determined that I would have some to sell...what's the bet she's not there this time :-)). The following is a photographic record of ONE WHOLE WEEK of down from mallards & pheasants & fluff from rabbit skins flying all over me & my kitchen! ...I can't possibly do it in my workshop as the fluff would be all over my UFO's & that would be no good at all....far better that it gets into everything that we eat! :-))...I've been doing a whole lot of sneezing as well as feathering & furring!!

Feathered & Furred!

There's one thing that's for sure & that is that I won't be making any more of these for a good while!!

Wednesday 4 November 2009

If I have to think about do you!!

OK..If I'm being forced to realise that Christmas is on the way, again...& too quickly for my liking... I thought you should all be made aware that, once more ....IT'S on the way!!
Don't get me wrong, when it actually gets to Christmmas eve, I LOVE Christmas, I just can't stand the way we have it forced upon us earlier & earlier every year...for goodness sake, time goes quickly enough as it is! Bah Humbug...LOL is my 1st mini, a little bundle of sugared snowflake cookies, acknowledging the rapid onset of the seasonal nightmare of trying to get organised for that 1 day...all the presents to buy, cakes & puds ("real" ones!!) to make, turkey etc ordered...& all that before the arrival of the family necessitates more food shopping, more cleaning, more washing & worst of all..LESS time in the mini sweatshop!

I love Christmas......really!! LOL

Monday 2 November 2009

I think this has put me off chocolate!

I have spent 3 WHOLE nights & 2 days rolling thousands of little balls to make these truffles ( well it seemed like thousands, maybe just the high hundreds!) I had a request to recreate a chocolate parcel that I had made a few years ago & like the nut that I am I thought, "well if I have to make one, I may as well make a couple & then I've got one to take to Kensington on 21st!" Then, as always, I'd mixed too much of each colour clay & I thought "NO! I'm not going to waste that" there I was, rolling these damned balls until I was nearly blind!...It was enough to put me off chocolate for a while! Happily though, I'm now back on it(the "real" thing, that is!)..I don't really think I could survive too long without it. Well,maybe for a day.....half a day...perhaps!! LOL

So then I had enough of those blasted little balls to fill a couple of jars too!