Sunday 8 November 2009

Feathered & Furred!

OK, I shouldn't be here doing this, I've suddenly realised that I've only got a week & a half before I have to be ready to up sticks down to Kensington! HELP!! So I'm going to have to work my butt off from now on!
Last year as soon as the doors opened a lady came literally running across to my table looking for a gutted & furred rabbit or hare &, guess what...I hadn't made any!! Oh dear! Sooo, this year I was determined that I would have some to sell...what's the bet she's not there this time :-)). The following is a photographic record of ONE WHOLE WEEK of down from mallards & pheasants & fluff from rabbit skins flying all over me & my kitchen! ...I can't possibly do it in my workshop as the fluff would be all over my UFO's & that would be no good at all....far better that it gets into everything that we eat! :-))...I've been doing a whole lot of sneezing as well as feathering & furring!!

Feathered & Furred!

There's one thing that's for sure & that is that I won't be making any more of these for a good while!!


kimsminiatures said...

They look wonderful Linda. You never know she may have been waiting for these all year Lol Hugs~ Kim

linsminis said...

I hope so Kim!!! LOL mini hugs, Linda

cockerina said...

poor little creatures .. make some impression on seeing them hanging like this ... ah ah!!
seem real!
but what you're good??
cheers all for you!

rosanna said...

Linda, the sprouting ribs are a bit too much for me, I guess I could never have one in my mini house but.... OMG you are so clever !!!!You are so good that's nearly umbelievable! Rosanna
How I wish I could jump to London this year.... sigh sigh

Lize said...

Excellent work and you must have 'double' vision by now lining those feathers up so nicely. I have ambiguous feelings about the hare and ducks. I'm impressed, but I have lost my appetite... see I am vegetarian.

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Un trabajo muy bueno, sobre todo me gusta el pato.

Stephanie Kilgast said...

I just read that you made it as an IGMA fellow :D