Tuesday 26 August 2014

A Hectic Summer!

I just cannot believe that my last blog entry was in March & here we are at the end of August....where does the time go?
I know exactly where it's gone this year! 6 weeks was spent in Al Ain, UAE, part good fun playing with my 2 year old granddaughter Esmée & part not such fun, looking after her Mum who, being pregnant with twins, was suffering severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The poor soul couldn't move out of bed without vomitting & was hospitalised for some time for meds & rehydration. Thankfully she has improved dramatically & although still nauseous, can at least function now!
That took care of June & after a couple of weeks desperately trying to catch up on commission work that had awaited my return, in between working in the garden as the weather has been so good, the whole family arrived for the summer!
At one time there were 12 of us in the house...can you imagine the chaos! Sadly, now, Brie & her baby, Rosa, have returned to London, Kim, Tom & Esmée back to the desert & tomorrow the final 5 leave for home. Things are going to be very quiet round here (once I've "mucked out" & changed all the beds!) & all I need is for the weather to be bad so that instead of working in the garden, I can do some serious mini work!
To my amazement, I have managed to complete a few pieces in amongst all this chaos & even completed a commission for a lady who has been waiting since December...
Thank you everyone who is patiently waiting for work to be finished, I promise, very soon I'll be able to get it done....assuming, that is, that the twins in the desert don't decide to make an early appearance, because, if they do, guess who'll be on the next flight to help out!!

Here are some of the few pieces I have managed to complete over all these weeks!