Saturday 28 January 2012

A Very Unusual Catch of The Day!

Yet more seafood......I'm still in a very "fishy" frame of mind at the moment & rather than create the more usual day's catch, I decided that my day's fishing would be just that little bit different!
Razor that I'm based in the North East of England I never get to eat them...but I have to say that if ever I'm anywhere that I can get them, get them I will...I love them! octopus & a squid, a sea urchin & some more conventional shellfish, some mussels & a few King scallops. Somehow a lonely starfish managed to find its way into the bucket & is trying to escape!

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Almost there with the seafood!

I'm actually getting to the end of the seafood seemed to take such a long time to get all those suckers on the octopii!
Thank goodness my lovely customer is seems to have been very hard to get back "into the swing" of creating after Christmas & New Year...I was beginning to feel that I was "burnt out".....don't suppose the cold from hell helped too much.....

Here they are...a basket of squid on ice .......

& a basket of octopus on ice........

I hope they fit in the fishy scene just fine!

Saturday 14 January 2012

Can you take more seafood......

Not too unusual this time....Just a bucket of fresh King scallops. Still part of the ongoing seafood order, but I'm beginning to feel as though I'm making an impression on it!

There may be more to come...can you take more seafood!?

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Starfish this time!

Ok...still in the unusual seafood mode, I was making starfish in a crate (actually a handwoven square basket!) as part of the ongoing seafood commission & as I had a sea urchin left over, I ended up making more & more starfish!

The original commissioned piece

They were actually quite addictive to make!
So, obviously I then had to make another basket/crate to accommodate the overflow & thus the starfish & sea urchin crate was born!
Does anyone actually eat starfish.......

And the excess starfish!

Saturday 7 January 2012

Seafood delights!

I'm working on a seafood commission at the moment & needed a bit of light relief from adding thousands of spikes, 1 x 1, to the sea urchins! Crazy or what?
So I thought I'd procrastinate a little & show you the finished piece before I get back to work...I swear that I'm seeing purple/black spikes everywhere I look!

Happy New Year to everyone too!