Saturday 23 January 2010

Anybody would think I was a romantic!

I'm really not! I don't think I was ever a romantic, when all my friends were desperate for the post on Feb 14th,for me there were always far more interesting things to pursue!
I'll forgive you for thinking that I am a fan of Valentine's day as all I seem to making at the moment are sickly sweet lover's offerings! The trouble is that whenever I mix a colour to work with, I always end up with far too much & just can't bring myself to waste it...hence so many cakes with hearts & now red roses!

This is one of several chocolate & red rose hearts that I've been working on to try & use the red & pink clays littering my workbench. I have to be honest & say that I got so very sick of making hundreds of red roses that the last of the mix "accidentally" fell on the floor so, of course I had to throw it out then as I couldn't possibly use it with bits of fluff attached to it! That's my excuse anyway & I'm sticking to it!!
Then there's this one...see what I mean about the overdosing on red roses? -))

Would you believe that there are another 3 variations on this theme!
I can definitely say now that my Valentine phase is FINISHED for this year!!


kimsminiatures said...

Happy Valentines Day! Those are wonderful Linda. But your creations always are! Hugs~ Kim

Ascension said...

Que preciosidad!!!!!!!los haces tan reales!!!!!!!, feliz Dia de San Valentin, que bonitos pasteles, felicidades.besitos ascension

Arantxa Fariña said...

I'ts so beautiful, congratulations Linda!!



Michele said...

Those roses look so delicate and tedious. You have quite the patience!! I love all your work.