Monday 14 May 2012

Freshly foraged mushrooms....

I'm still away in London after a flying visit to see 2 of my kids.....managing to fit in a quick, but expensive visit to KDF on saturday as a buyer & not a seller this time! It was good to take a look at all the fabulous works of art displayed there & to meet up with some mini making friends! I came away with a fabulously different little character from Jain at Giddy Kipper dols & when I get home & sorted out I'll be showing her off...I have great plans for all I need is the time to put the plan together.... In the meantime, before I left for London I managed to finish a little barrel of foraged 'shrooms & here they are!


Jackie said...

Yet another strikingly real masterpiece. Your work is most amazing! ;)


Ascension said...

Autenticamente reales, fantastico!!!
besitos ascension

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to find your blog. I'm a new follower. Your work is fantastic.
Hugs from Craftland