Monday 15 February 2010

Shrove Tuesday.....Pancakes!

I just LOVE pancakes, however they come! Sweet or savoury, they have to be one of my favourite foods. If only I could get someone else to make them for me though I'd enjoy them so much more! It seems to take soooo long & I make such a mess when I'm making them that it would be great if, for once I could sit down to enjoy them without having had the trouble of making them!
Making these miniature versions was nowhere near as messy as making the real thing, but I have to say that they took a whole lot longer...I could've made enough pancakes to feed an army in the time they took me! These are one of my weaknesses.....eaten with toffee sauce or simple golden syrup & lemon.....I'm making myself hungry!

Then these are a little more luxurious being filled with piped, whipped cream & fresh strawberries with a fresh strawberry sauce ( or should I say "coulis" in this day of pretension in food!!)drizzled over them...I can feel the inches going on as I think about them! :-))

It's taken me many years to work out just how simple it is to make life easier when I fancy some pancakes but don't want to stand for ages over a hot cooker...spend the hours making way too many pancakes than we can eat in one meal & separating each with a sheet of greaseproof paper...freeze them!! Simple! Once I'd worked this out, I now have pancakes in the freezer for whenever the fancy takes me....until they run out of course & then I have to stand for ages re-making my stock!


Debbie said...

My Kids have already told me they want their Pancakes tomorrow. Just hoping they forget..LOL

Garden of Miniatures said...

Hi Linda,your pancakes are perfect,saw them allready in the auction.I prefer the one with golden sirup,but I don't heed your advice to make some in reserve to have it every time in the freeze.No,I'm not so tall as you are;-)!Hugs,Jeannette

About Me said...

Even for me, the cream is too luxury but it always pleasures me.

kimsminiatures said...

Okay I need pancakes now Linda!!!!! Yum...... So wonderful as always Hugs~ Kim