Thursday 25 February 2010

A little Easter gift!

What could be nicer (apart from a huge box of luxury handmade chocolates, of course!)than receiving a yummy chocolate egg, porcelain mug to fill with coffee to eat with your choccie egg & a lovely bunch of fresh daffodils!

Can you tell that I'm wishing spring would hurry up & arrive!
BTW...I rather think I've forgotten to resize the when you click on them they'll probably be huge! Oh well!!


Daisy said...

Beautiful little Easter gift!

Debbie said...

Lovely Lin. reminds me when I was a kid getting one of those Choccie Easter Eggs in a mug. Can't wait till the real Daff's come out they might bring the Sun with them. x

kimsminiatures said...

Wonderful linda. I'm counting the days till spring. We have another storm coming tonight. :(
I can just smell the chocolate looking at your foil wrapped egg. Those were my favorite Easter surprises! Hugs~ Kim

Jo Raines said...

So beautiful! I love the pink chocolate egg in the little cup and the lovely daffodils! I'm dreaming of spring, too!


About Me said...

The shape of the chocolate egg is perfect!

I have seen a lot of blossom in my city! :) Spring arrives!

Jo Raines said...

There is a blog award for you on my blog but you have to tell seven unknown things about yourself--true confession time! LOL~!


Tiny Delights said...

There is a blog award waiting for you on my blog :)