Wednesday 17 February 2010

Moth orchid wedding cake!

Perhaps it's because my youngest daughter became engaged on Christmas day this year & the wedding is planned for August...not too much time to get organised, I think she thinks her mum is Supermum!!....but I seem to be enjoying myself in the mini sweatshop making wedding cakes of all descriptions! This one started life as a simple 2 tier & then decided to grow into a 4 tier cake with a separator between the 2 sets of tiers!

Each pale purple tier is decorated with fondant moth orchids, although I've taken a little "artistic licence" here & made the middle sepals purple to match the cake & they should really be an orange/red!

Then it decided to "sprout" silver fronds from the round top cake!

For some bizarre reason when I tried to take pics of it the purple of the orchids darkened by several shades no matter what I did...oh well!

I wonder how many miniature wedding cakes will appear from my workshop before the end of August!


kimsminiatures said...

Its wonderful Linda! I'm sure there will be many more. Congratulations on your daughters engagement. Hugs~ Kim

Daisy said...


Debbie said...

What a creation, would look right at home in one of those posh cake shops.x

Jo Raines said...

My goodness! This is quite exquisite indeed! I love the orchids!


Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Es un pastel precioso, las orquideas están geniales.
Me encanta!

MidnightsDreams said...

How beautiful your cake looks. So detail

About Me said...

It’s so elegant and romantic! Good morning, Linda! *I am always late! :P