Tuesday 24 March 2009

Who does this head belong to?! :-))

I told you I felt a more "gory" phase of mini making was coming on! Could be because I've decided that there are parts of the house (too many!) that can't go any longer without being re-decorated & try as I may, I just can't get my better half to either help or get someone in to do it...so, there was nothing for it...I just had to get on myself! The plan was that I'd decorate during the day & create my minis at night...I think Iwas being a little optimistic there, I'm cream crackered by the time I've cleared up the day's decorating detritus & then cooked a meal! I did get the urge though to make this...could it be that I was imaginging something else's head on that block!


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

so gruesome...and yet I zoomed in for details! :D

Linda Carswell said...

...when I was reading your posting and you were saying all you had been doing...(before I got to the last sentence)...I was thinking 'some one elses head would be on that chopping block!!!'
Good thing you take any agression out on your miniatures only.....it looks wonderful by the way...but not 'macarons' pretty!!!!

Regards, Linda

rosanna said...

Sounds as if you are in a dangerous mood. The subject is gory but you are so good that one cannot help zooming. Gorgeous!

Debbie said...

Linda your post did make me laugh. Love the Mini Head on the block..

Katie said...

Shees....Men!!! Funny!

I love this little chopping block...it looks amazing!