Tuesday 17 March 2009

The ugliest fish in the world!

Do you remember when I had the urge to make a lobster thermidor a few weeks ago & instead I found myself making Danish pastries instead? Well, I STILL haven’t managed to find the time to make the lobster, either in miniature or real....what with trying to catch up on orders that had to be “put on hold” while I was doing my babysitting stints & cutting the grass, tidying a house that has been occupied solely by a man for 3 weeks, re-filling my freezer & cupboards with food that seems to have disappeared & not been replaced...there really just aren’t enough hours in the day. Can somebody please invent a 48 hour day!
On the subject of men & their inability to see dust an inch thick & dog hairs from your 2 dogs, am I the only one to have one like this, or is it a common problem amongst husbands who’ve spent their lives being looked after by first their Mothers & then a wife/girlfriend? :-))

I’m getting sidetracked again..the story of my life....I may not have managed to find the time to make the lobster yet but at least I have made a break from the sweet things & managed to make a display using one of my favourite fish...the monkfish or angler fish, often called the ugliest fish in the world! You’ll rarely see the whole fish in the fishmongers as the head is downright frightening!
I got an overwhelming urge to represent skinning & removing the oh so attractive head from the poor fish & this is the result! I definitely feel a more "gory" creation phase coming on! If only I could get these orders finished......

Then I really fancied a monkfish provencale & as I didn't have the necessary "real" ingredients, well, it just had to be a clay version & this little display pictures a monkfish provencale in the making..not quite as filling as the "real" thing would have been, but at least I could imagine I was actually going to make it & eat it!


Linda Carswell said...

Hi Linda,
It certainly isn't a pretty fish, but you have done a wonderful job making it!! Looks so good.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I find the fish adorable ... I will cherish it and show it off on The Mini Food Blog :D

Debbie said...

Linda you've done a beautiful job with the Ugly Fish. LOL
Mini Hugs

rosanna said...

Linda it is beautiful! We call it Rana Pescatrice = fishing frog. Poor thing , it's not pretty at all