Thursday 6 May 2010

Something savoury...just to make a change!

I really had to have a break from all the endless sweet things...I almost think I'd rather go back to making thousands of tiny fruits than having to make cupcakes & meringues & macarons! Enough is enough! So....I decided to make a little cannelloni set just to keep me sane...Italian food just can't be beaten...I think it was Michel Roux who said a chef could never be called a chef unless he'd been to Italy! If I'm wrong don't shoot me ...please...I really think Italian food, cooked by an Italian, using Italian ingredients is the very best you can get!
Here is my mini version of a creamy, rich guess what I'm craving :-))


Merry Jingle said...

It looks fabulous, so real!

And I agree, genuine Italian food is the best :)


by Sonya said...

I think your cannelloni are very real. I cooking the cannelloni 1:1 and they are the same.
I'm Italian and I love how you have made a our tipical food!
Do you know the cannelloni is the sunday dish and also for the marriage lunch?
Sonya from Rome

Ascension said...

Me encantan tus dulces!!!!
Pero ha sido un acierto hacer los canelones, es uno de mis platos preferidos (aqui en Barcelona, es muy tipico).
Te han quedado, que dan ganas de comerselos.
besitos ascension

kimsminiatures said...

All I really want to say is yum!!!! Wonderful Linda!