Sunday 9 May 2010

More Soft Fruits?

Sometimes I think that I'm my very worst enemy! I was adamant that I was NOT going to be making any more of those teeny tiny soft fruits....but....I never like to waste any clay that I've mixed & as I didn't have enough of it to store until next time the urge to drive myself mad came upon me, I spent last night & ALL of today finishing off the clay that I had to hand. The end result was another, although different, basket of those damned things & 2 meringue "crowns" oval & one round. Thank goodness the clay is now finished.....& if you see me posting anymore soft fruit displays, you've got my permission to really YELL at me! I might not listen...but feel free to yell anyway! :-))
This little oval crown is going on eBay tonight, after much soul searching....I just can't decide whether or not eBay & their "greed" fees make selling there worthwhile anymore. At least at the moment they are listing items with a start of .99p FREE....the final value fees are still a killer though :-(( don't want to hear my moans here it is...the very LAST...I promise! :-))


Patty said...

Linda, It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the whole look of it!

Ascension said...

Pues a mi me encantan tus tartas con las frutas pequeñitas.
Si dejas de hacerlas, las echare en falta.
Que pena que ya hayas acabado con las existencias jejejejeje
Volvere para ver tus nuevos proyectos, pero hechando de menos estas maravillas
besitos ascension

kimsminiatures said...

Lovely Linda. Good luck with Ebay! Hugs~ Kim

mr. pineapple man said...

that is too pretty! love the berries and the grapes!

Hanna said...

Amazing meringue cake,love the elegance! And your pies you made earlier is to die for (: !!

KC-Design said...

Gosh!!! It is brilliant, Linda.

Petite Wonders said...

Wow!!! So fabulously made! Absolutely incredible craftsmanship!!!