Thursday 20 May 2010

Do you ever feel like you "can't see the wood for the trees"?!

OMG.....sometimes I feel as though I am permanently running round in ever decreasing circles & getting absolutely nowhere at all...anybody else have that feeling? :-))
Things have not been helped as my good old hubby has managed to rupture his achilles tendon AGAIN...the 2nd time in 9 is back to a full leg cast, as he puts it "from my toes to my nuts!!"..& is even MORE useless than he normally is...if that's at all possible!! LOL.
The weather is better right now, so the veggies need planting in the veg garden, the grass grows too damned quickly & needs cutting twice a week...that alone takes 3 full hours...why do I have SO much grass????..the fox is on the prowl & killing my chickens....the annuals need planting for the August wedding...commissions need to be done...OK..I think I'll just get the 12 bore out & shoot myself now!! LOL
Here is a simple blackberry pie that I managed to "throw" together last week....since then mini making has been at a premium!!
I'm not a pastry lover, so this little pie has as little as possible of the stuff..just a fluted base crammed with juicy blackberries & topped with a pastry blackberry & leaf...I wish someone would make me a "real" one right now.....I don't have the time...BUT I do have the blackberries from last autumn in my freezer..any offers??? LOL!


Debbie said...

Lin I most certainly know that feeling. Hope your Hubby is soon on the mend.
Was going to say I could lend you a couple of our Ponies, they'd keep the grass down, but they'd also eat your plants and then you'd also have to clear up the pooh. So all in all I think you'd be better off with the mower. xxx

Miniaturemaid said...

Hi Lin im so sorry your having a time of it right now real life is such a pain much of the time thats why we all love minis im sure. I love your blackberry pie your mini work is awesome i'll make you a pie and send it to you lol....
take care hope your hubby gets better soon.

Glenda said...

You've got that head-on 'spring fever'!
Isn't it good to have the refuge of mini-making to fall back on - and this blackberry pie is superb!!

linsminis said...

ROFL hens already destroy nearly all my least the horse s**t would be good for my veggies! LOL
Rachel...if the hubby doesn't get right soon I'm putting him in a home & importing myself a nice, hardworking Philipino to take his place......Female, of course!!!
Glenda...I so wish I had time to get to the minis!! :-((

julie campbell said...

LOL Linda hope your hubby is better soon ! we had some building work go wrong and hubs has promised when its sorted out and we get the garden back I can have half of it for a vegetable patch in the garden......... it all sounds so lovely but as I will be doing all the work might not be so idyllic !
Love the pie,
julie xxx