Wednesday 4 November 2009

If I have to think about do you!!

OK..If I'm being forced to realise that Christmas is on the way, again...& too quickly for my liking... I thought you should all be made aware that, once more ....IT'S on the way!!
Don't get me wrong, when it actually gets to Christmmas eve, I LOVE Christmas, I just can't stand the way we have it forced upon us earlier & earlier every year...for goodness sake, time goes quickly enough as it is! Bah Humbug...LOL is my 1st mini, a little bundle of sugared snowflake cookies, acknowledging the rapid onset of the seasonal nightmare of trying to get organised for that 1 day...all the presents to buy, cakes & puds ("real" ones!!) to make, turkey etc ordered...& all that before the arrival of the family necessitates more food shopping, more cleaning, more washing & worst of all..LESS time in the mini sweatshop!

I love Christmas......really!! LOL


kimsminiatures said...

I hear ya Linda! These are wonderful. Love the sugared snowflakes. I love holiday baking and I'm enjoying it in miniature too! Holiday eggnog toasts are coming too! Hugs~ Kim

rosanna said...

Can you hear me screeming from your kitchen? I love these biscuits and I love Christmas season. Hugs Rosanna

Garden of Miniatures said...

So lovely and sweet,amazing like always.Hugs,Jeannette

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

So dainty! Lovely biscuits, I admire your poly clay art. I love christmas too but not in September when the christmas decorations turn up in shops.

dalesdreams said...

I hear you! :)

The look so sweet. :)

Julie Old Crow said...

Every year I hate the commercialization of Christmas more and more. sigh. It shouldn't be like that!

Maybe making some Christmas minis will perk me up!

Julie Old Crow

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Ummm Navidad.
Preciosas galletas Linda!