Thursday 2 April 2009

Where does the time go?

I just can't believe that it'll be Easter in just over a week...where on earth does the time go? I definitely need to have another 24hrs added on to each day just so that I can get everything done that needs doing!
The decorating has been put "on hold" & that's another way of saying that I doubt if I'll get the paintbrush & pasting board out for another few months! :-))The trouble is that for a change we are having some lovely weather, so I refuse point blank to be stuck inside while the elusive sun shines! So decorating is out of the window & grass cutting & clearing out my garden ponds is now top ever, I get SUCH a lot of help from he who shall remain nameless!!
After all the physical exercise I've had today walking miles with a grass cutter whose power drive definitely has a mind of its own....I either find myself pushing it up an incline, or even worse, fighting to stop it as it gets ever closer to a tree or a wall! I have muscles aching tonight that I didn't know I had!...what I really need is an intake of Chocolate! Horror of horrors though, the only choccie I could find in the house was a polymer clay Easter egg that I made a couple of weeks ago! Oh dear....I wonder whether "He Who Shall Remain Nameless" might be persuaded to pop out & buy me some that I can actually eat???


Debbie said...

I know I shouldn't laugh Linda, but I could imagine you pushing the mower and hanging on for dear life as you got closer to the wall. Tell He Who Must Not Be Named to go out and get you some Chocolate, you certainly deserve it.
Mini Hugs

Linda Carswell said...

Oh Linda, you do make me laugh, but the sad thing is I know exactly where you are coming from...I 'had' a very big garden...and they take so much work!! (I know live a lovely modern apartment!!! gardening...but yes, I do miss it!) Back to important things, your easter goodies look soooo good!!!
P.S: christmas is just around the corner....ha ha!!

rosanna said...

Hi Linda, your selfportrait is very clear and so funny to think of. Immediately send that man to buy you the biggest choco bar he can carry.
And of course...your egg is absolute perfection.