Monday, 20 April 2009

My thoughts are turning towards summer!

Oh has been such lovely weather here over the last few days that I'm beginning to get a little worried that this is going to be our summer! I do hope not, it seems such a long time since we've had any decent, warm weather.....long may it last! Not that it matters too much as in 10days time I'm off to visit my youngest who is living out in "The Desert!!" (or as my middle daughter calls it.."The Dessert"!!) in Al Ain, to be precise, for a whole 10days...but...there's no keeping me happy...I believe the temperature is going to be in the high 40' for me, THAT'S HOT!! :-))
Anyway, enough of the rambling! As the sun has been shining here in my very own NE of England "desert", my thoughts have turned to summer veg planting & I've been working like a demon (when not in the mini sweatshop!) getting my veggie garden ready for planting! The canes for the runner beans & broad beans (which are at the minute cluttering up my windowsills!) are in & various seeds have been sown. Please pray that we don't get a very late & severe frost like last year & that then we are not drowning in constant rain!! Not good for veggie gardening!! LOL
Oh dear, I can ramble on can't I? The whole point of this was to show you a basket of greenhouse tomatoes....I'm hoping that this year my "real" ones do better than they did last year. Like the beans, squashes etc, right now they are on my very crowded windowsills...waiting for the danger of frosts to pass!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

What a wonderful basket of tomatoes!!!! Fabulous!!!! It's going to be in the low 90s here today, feeling hot, hot hot!! :)

Debbie said...

Lin, just Love those Toms. I hope you get a bumper crop of the real thing this year..

Linda Carswell said...

As usual Linda, wonderful!!! So perfect!!

kimsminiatures said...

So wonderful..... I could use some right now for the sandwhich I just made for my lunch Lol. Amazing as always. Mini hugs!

moti said...

..... amazing!!!!!!!!, it´s just perfect!!!!!!