Wednesday 25 February 2009

Awards & Pizza's!

I was given an award by Debbie of DebbiesTinyTreasures & promised her that I’d add my 5 fave things & 5 fave blogs on here, but, true to form, I’ve forgotten exactly what I had to do & for some reason Debbie, I can’t get onto your blog! I blame my son-in-laws internet’s so very bizarre & just won’t let me access so many places...between that and the constant “dropping out”, which means unplugging the modem at least 25 times a day....I haven’t done it yet. BUT, here goes, now we’ll find out if I’m really as senile as I think I am, as I’ll try to remember just what I needed to do!

My 5 Favourite things are:-

1) Taking half a bar (& I mean half a BIG bar!!) of galaxy chocolate to bed with a cup of tea & a good book! (I’m like you Debbie..give me a good “blood & guts” thriller any time!) It’s so true what they say that chocolate is far better than s*x! LOL
2) Actually managing to strike a clean, long & straight ball off the that one doesn’t happen very often!
3) Walking my 2 dogs along the beach, particularly when it’s deserted in the winter!
4) Breaking the sea-going “speed limit” in my boat...tut, tut....I think I’m still that rebellious schoolgirl..yeah, in my dreams!!
5) Eating pizzas freshly made in my very own wood burning pizza oven, built for me in the garden by my ever loving S-I-L(son-in-law) & even more loving hubby!!! They would taste better if we ever got some lovely sunny, DRY weather to actually use it properly...I don’t think it’s stopped raining or snowing since they built it last ?summer?.

My 5 favourite that’s more difficult as I’m pretty new to this blogging lark! No 1 has to be

1) The Mini Food Blog as Sumaiya does a wonderful job & is wholly responsible for making me get into blogging!
2) Sorry Debbie, I don’t know whether I’m allowed to do this, but yours HAS to be the next on my list....I just truly admire the way you keep it updated (when I can actually access it of course!!...damn my s-i-l’s internet connection!!!)
3) Sassy’s Mini Dolls...just love the attitude those dolls take!
4) Miniatures by Rachel, her work is beautiful.
5) Petitplat by SK....Stephanie, your work is fab!

Talking of are 2 minis...true “copies” (& my goodness there seems to be a whole lot being stirred up right now by a few artists who seem to have “lost it” with a copycatter...*sigh* ...there’s nothing anyone can do except hope that the copycat finally gives up!’s too short to worry about it guys!) of my own pizzas lovingly made for real & cooked in my pizza oven!! So YES, they ARE copies both of something “real” that I made & then ate & no doubt hundreds of other pizzas, either “real” or “miniature”...but they are all my own work for my friend Rosy!
The 1st is a Pizza Frutti di Maré doubt there’ll be hundreds of Italians saying that I have “copied” LOL

& now, a pizza Fiorentina, featuring the egg & spinach that are synonymous with the description “Fiorentina”!!

Now I’m hungry, which is why I just love making miniature replicas of the things I just LOVE to eat!! I must admit, I’d far rather be eating these in a little trattoria/pizzeria somewhere in Florence or Bassano del Grappa!


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

On behalf of The Mini Food Blog, it's an honor to be on your top 5 list of favorite blogs! :D I am so glad that you hold me responsible for making you blog...first Kathy Calhoun and now's part of my evil plan to have miniaturists take over the blog world! :D
Love and hugs, and the pizza look delicious!

pussman and co said...

Incredibile! Ma che pizze!

buon appetito

Debbie said...

Beautiful Pizza's Linda. Love the little cutters as well. Thanks for giving me the award back, but you should have picked someone else. LOL
Could just do a large bar of Galaxy now.. Be glad when your back with us Lin and have good internet access.

kimsminiatures said...

Linda~ Your pizza is wonderful. I know alot about pizza. I like to eat it alot:o) Isn't miniatures just a copy of real life? I look at things all the time and picture how to make them mini. Your minis are so good. Mini hugs!

linsminis said...

Kim, you are so right...I do exactly that too & am always taking pics of foods I'd like to reproduce in mini! I've even got my kids doing the same thing too & they are always forwarding me "ideas" to make! Thank you for your lovely words about my minis....I think if you are passionate about something, it shows :-)) Mini hugs back to you!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Thanks Linda :) your work is even more fab!!
I just had the time to forward that award, pfew!
I would love eating a pizza now!


ingermaaike said...

Wow I am totally bowled over by your work!