Saturday 7 February 2009

Back to the "mini sweatshop"!

Well, here I am back at home after 4 weeks of changing nappies & the school run, up the hugest hill, twice a day! I had hoped to get into the workshop & satisfy my severe mini making withdrawal symptoms & take some pics of the pathetic 3 pieces I managed to create in 4 WHOLE weeks, but after sorting out my hens, dogs, unpacking & the husband (in that order!! LOL) the light has now gone & I'm ready to crash into a hot bath & bed!
Rosanna reminded me of the gooseberry pie board, so I thought that at least I could upload a pic of that...& guess what, I managed to find one!!
That, in turn, reminded me of a similar piece I made towards the end of last year, a blackberry & apple pie making board so here it is.
Would you believe that I am silly enough to have rolled every one of those "balls" that make up an individual blackberry one by one...I was seeing teeny tiny black balls for days afterwards!! I think at the end of the day it was worth it though(or so I choose to tell myself!!)

Making a blackberry & apple pie set (& giving me black spots in front of my eyes for days!!)
Making a gooseberry pie..the gooseberries weren't a whole lot better than the blackberries, but at least they were a little bigger! :-))


Debbie said...

Fabulous work. It all looks so real.
Mini Hugs

pussman and co said...

this is to good for words. I wish I could learn that!!
I love your work a lot!