Monday 11 October 2010

Cornucopia...A Horn Of Plenty!

It's that time of year when Harvest Festival is celebrated & this is my "little" homage to it. I remember as a kid, having to take fruit or vegetables into school for Harvest festival...I wonder do schools still celebrate it in this way?
This was a challenge to myself in a way! It combines both my addictions....basket weaving & sculpting foods..& I was not going to make a cornucopia unless I could manage to weave it instead of sculpting it. I will not be beaten! :-))


Debbie said...

Lin you've done a fantastic job, weaving the basket. It all looks beautiful.
My boys Harvest Festival, consists of them taking dried food i.e packets of pasta and rice into school. Its then sent abroad! Which amazes me, when we have people here that could do with a parcel of food. When I was at School, we took fresh Veg, fruit and tinned stuff into school, it was then made up into parcels and delivered to the OAP's and needy that lived in the area. I can remember in Primary School going into the Church and in front of the Altar, there would be loads of food laid out.

linsminis said...

Yes, Debbie, that's how I remember it too..this country has gone totally mad these days hasn't it...bring back the good old days! hoping you are improving...I keep thinking about you! :-))

Ascension said...

Es fantastica, te ha quedado maravillosamente real!!!
besitos ascension

Patty said...

Linda, Your basket skills are amazing! You really did well on the cornucopia! Your fruit and veggies are amazing. The plums and peaches are shaded perfectly!

Ivani Grande said...


Unknown said...

Linda, esta cesta de la abundancia está perfecta, tiene muchos alimentos y muy bien hechos.
Y si, teneis razón con el tema de mandar alimentos cuando cerca de casa se necesitan.
Besos Clara