Friday 18 December 2009

Pretty Cake Madness!

I don't usually go in for making "pretty" cakes...but this all started when I was asked to make a 3 tier wedding cake decorated with Black Watch Tartan (if you've ever tried to re-create this tartan in 12th scale, you'll have some sympathy for me!!....eventually, I had to settle for simply marking each edge in black & putting black stripes vertically down the ribbon...this took me a WHOLE day to do!!)The end result though is quite effective.
Little did I know that this wedding cake was going to lead to an entire collection of "pretty" cakes! There are only 4 pictured here, believe it or not, there are another 2 3 tiered wedding cakes & 3 more "pretty" cakes loitering in my completed stash! I now have to somehow figure out how to create heather & thistles to complete the commissioned wedding cake! HELP!! Heather in 12th scale....OH DEAR..all suggestions welcome!


Irene said...

I'm very impressed with your Blackwatch Tartan ribbon (and your cakes too!). For heather, how about the lilac coloured stuff (sorry, don't know the name of it) used in mini gardens - or you could try mini railway supplies? Just a thought - good luck with it.

Stephanie Kilgast said...

hmmm heather, I would try to make the little bells around a toothpick wrapped in aluminum.
Here's a nice picture of that flower:

and for thistle woohooo....
hmm I'd try to make little balls and pick them from all sides, adding little pieces of thread/yarn.

And I enjoy your pretty cake phase :)


Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Que buenos Ummm!
Feliz Navidad!

Ashley said...

your work is amazing !! How did you learn how to make it all..did you teach yourself..I would love to take a class about it but I can't find anything but books on it !! Hats off to you b/c your work is great !!

linsminis said...

Ashley..I taught myself through using books at the start & then trial & error. All you need is a lot of patience!! Check out ..there is a live tutorial on there every saturday by different artists from all over the world!