Sunday 4 October 2009

Back to reality!

Well, here I am, back in the cold NE of seems such a long tiime ago that I was melting in the heat of the United Arab Emirates desert!
Since I got back I don't seem to have had any time to do anything at all other than cut grass & clean the house...yet again...a man on his own for 10days is not good news!! LOL.
As I haven't had too much time for mini making I thought I'd show you Dubai in all its glory (as it's my birthday in October, my good old hubby paid for us to stay in the fabulous Mina A'Salam at Jumeirah,Dubai for 2 what luxury!) It was simply fabulous!!

So here is photographic evidence of myself (I'm the really rough looking one with the silver hair!!)& my youngest & her partner & the middle daughter, Brie, who makes sure I get my ass into gear to get out there! In the background is the fabulous Burj Al Arab & The Wave. The Emiratis are single handedly producing enough carbon dioxide for the world with their lights! The Burj at night is truly AWESOME! It goes through the colours of the rainbow & has laser lights at the top too...ALL night long!
This is my favourite photo from the holiday...totally politically incorrect of shows my cigs, a glass of raspberry mojito & the Burj reflected in the marble of the bar surface! I'm thinking of sending it to Embassy as a promotional photo! LOL

Maybe soon, when I've finished the backlog of commission work & trying to build up stock for Kensington on 21st's not too far away, I might have some miniatures to show you!
At least the escalator didn't eat me this time!! That could be because Brie made us get a taxi from Paddington back to Kilburn...just so her "not to be trusted Mum" was nowhere near the escalator at Kilburn! LOL


Stephanie Kilgast said...

Yeah Dubai isn't directly eco friendly :D
Good luck with the reality and Kensington :) Won't be able to come and steal your minis this year, hopefully next year, who knows?

Glad to have you back!

Christel said...

Hi Linda
Oh wow did that look great or what:) What a nice tan you have got too. Wish I could visit Dubai someday..Lots of places on the list. See you in Kensington:) I'd kill for that moijito, wiev and cigarette too..hrmph, have stopped smoking four years ago and it is very boring!

Linda Carswell said...

Hi Linda...certainly looks like an amazing place, I too was going to comment on the 'tan'....would never think you were English...they try and tell us you are all fair skinned...Wish you well with your work for Kensington!


rosanna said...

Welcome back. Wow, gorgeous pics and gorgeous family. The raspberry mojito is something I'd like to try, I'll leave the cigs behind. Have a good time with your minis.

kimsminiatures said...

Linda I just saw this wonderful picture. Glad to hear you didn't let the escalator get you this time Lol
You look lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.
Hugs~ Kim

Debbie said...

LOL that last photo did make me giggle. x