Wednesday, 13 May 2009

woman eating London underground escalators!

Well, here I am back from my exploits in "the desert" & not a mini to show you! I had a lovely time out was so good to have warmth & sun day in & day out!
Back in good old Durham, it has been a surprisingly pleasant day today & I have managed to cut the grass & clean the 10days worth of dust from every surface in the house.."He who shall remain nameless" has managed to conquer working the hoover, but polishing seems to have got the better of him! :-))I suppose I shouldn't expect too many miracles!
After a very long day traveling I was within 50 yards of fresh air & a much anticipated ciggie.....yep, shock, horror...I SMOKE!!!! When the escalator taking me out of the bowels of London to the air in Kilburn decided to eat me!!

& there's the result!
I was actually very lucky as once your balance is gone on those damned things, it's impossible to get it back!! Luckily a gentleman behind me managed to haul me back to my feet before too much damage was done. I have no idea how it minute I was standing there minding my own business & anticipating lighting my 1st ciggie in 11 hours & the next it was as if I was literally on ice & no matter what I did, I just couldn't get my feet back where they should have been!
So....everyone BEWARE there are man-eating escalators at large in London!!


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I always knew those things were evil! No one would believe me! :(

Katie said...

Oh My! My 'baby' sister used to make us all stop and check our shoelaces when we were younger to make sure we'd never get eaten~ LOL...I didn't think it was possible, lol! So glad you survived to tell the tale!

JDayMinis said...

I'm so sorry, it looks really sore!!
Mini Hugs, Jean

Linda Carswell said...

That is one reminder of a holiday you probably didn't want....see smoking is a health hazard!!
So happy to see you back in blog land...even if a little battered and bruised....should we expect some holiday photos...I do hope so!
Regards, Linda

Stephanie Kilgast said...

I would say stairs in general are dangerous evil.
I opened my knee when falling in the stairs (I was running in the stairs trying to catch a metro... and I will NEVER do that again!!) I got 2 stitches :D
See not only the escalator try to kill us, the stairs as well.
It might be a bigger conspiracy, trying to get rid of humans...

kimsminiatures said...

ouch Linda....I'm sorry you got hurt. and that looks like it hurt. On the up side you have beautifully tanned legs. Mine haven't ssen the sun all winter and they look like it Lol. Mini hugs!