Saturday 14 July 2012

Fresh fruit trifle!

I've had the resin out again & this time there were no heart attacks or any other distractions to bother me...apart from the fact that I swear I'm beginning to go rusty!  It has not stopped raining for over 2 weeks now & when I say "raining", try thinking monsoon-like rain.....but without the heat! It actually stayed dry yesterday so I managed to get the grass cut in most places...there were other parts of the garden though that were no-go areas...unless I wanted myself & the grass cutter to sink, never to be seen again!
I began to get excited today.....grey skies, but no silly can I be.....guess what...yep.... it's absolutely chucking it down again

Anyway, even though it is a dessert that I wouldn't thank you for.....I can't stand anything "cakey" in desserts & the thought of soggy sponge fingers drenched in alcohol, lurking in underneath the lovely fruit filled jelly & whipped cream, is enough to make me run a mile!

I much prefer the miniature version of's not edible & therefore safe!


Unknown said...

This is stunning. It doesn't often happen that such an excellent mini dessert maker prefers savoury tastes in real. I often say that my favourite kind of dessert is... a nice ham sandwich.

rosanna said...

Never had it in real but in mini is yummy
BTW savoury for me as well, a nice slice of artichokes pie being my favourite :oD Rosanna

Jorgelina Ferreyra said...

impresionante trabajo!!! se ve tan real y dulce que dan ganas de comerlo. Felicitaciones, me encanta!!!

Eliana said...

Amazing work!

Cris Bottaro said...

Hello, when I come to this blog I am always delighted with so many beautiful things I see here, Congratulations! I wish you many good things and a kiss in your heart.

Rag Doll Design said...

Hi! I was searching for a reference photo for my mini paintings and stumbled across your blog.
Such beautiful work!
You have an admirable touch and wonderful attention to detail.
Superb :)