Monday 27 February 2012

Not long until Easter!

As I will be otherwise engaged with a real life "mini" in the heat of the desert soon, I thought I'd better make a start on Easter this miniature world of ours I always seem to be wishing my life away & making pieces for the if time doesn't go quickly enough as it is!

The first piece I managed to complete was a little "Icing Easter Cupcakes" prep board...I just LOVE making prep boards but always run out of space to get everything I want onto them...anyone else have that problem?

This one is heading eBay's way tonight!

I've been wanting to make this next one for several years now, but just never got round to it. It's my mini version of the awesomely talented cake maker, Karen Goble's "Easter Egg Basket Cake"...could you imagine how the kids would love to be presented with this at tea time on Easter Day! :-))


Ascension said...

Estoy segura que los niños al ver esas maravillas darian saltos de alegria jejeje
Enhorabuena unos trabajos fantasticos para Pascua.
besitos ascension

Patty said...

LINDA.......I love the basket cake! It turned out gorgeous! Your wonderful prep board looks great too. I hope you share photos of that new baby when (it) arrives! That is so exciting that you will be in the heat soon!!!!

Ilona said...

I LOVE every bit of it!! Very fantastic works!!
Hugs, ilona

Marisa said...

that basket cake is wonderful

marisa :)

Case di Bambola said...

Both minis are amazing, and the cake looks so yummy! It definitely puts me in the Easter spirit :)