Saturday 12 November 2011

A Christmas Cake That's Just A Little different!

After the sheer concentration that went on creating the special wedding cake tea tray, I decided I'd better get back to Christmas as Kensington show is 3 weeks did that creep up so quickly on me! I just don't know how anybody can make enough stock to do more than 1 show a year...even enough for one 3 day show would be impossible for me...there just aren't enough hours in the day.  If anyone has any spare that they can send me I'd be really, really grateful! :-) usual, I got so sick of making the ordinary Christmas cakes that I went off on a tangent (which is not unusual for me!) & this little "snowball" Christmas cake was suddenly born!....I guess I'll have to get back to making the more classical kind now though!


rosanna said...

It's so funny. I love it.
I'm looking forward to meeting you at KDF. It will be my firs time both as a visitor and a expositor and I feel very weird.I hope I'll have time to have a look at everything.
Best wishes, Rosanna

linsminis said...

oh'll be good to meet you! :-)

Eliana said...

Beautiful! I loved it. ;)

Cris Bottaro said...

Hello, this cake was pretty different. congratulations and kissing in the heart.