Wednesday 21 September 2011

What happened to Autumn?

I have no idea what has happened to Autumn here in the NE of England...not only did we not have much of a summer....again...but Autumn seems to have skipped straight into winter! It's freezing outside today, a gale is blowing & I swear that's not rain but hailstones battering the windows!
It's so miserable & cold that I've been making winter comfort foods for the last few days...there's nothing nicer than a hearty stew or a rich beef pie so, of course I had to work on the mini version too & here it is! If you get a magnifier you can actually follow the recipe if you want! :-))


Eliana said...

The board with the pie and the ingredients are wonderful! I also want the recipe. :)

Garden of Miniatures said...

Breathtaking ,I love the board.Like always it looks not like a miniature piece and I can taste how delicious it is .Sending you sunshine from here ;-) Hugs,Jeannette x

Katrina said...

Fantastic! All looks so real. Kissis Kati

mintwonderland said...

good work!! love you pie!