Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sun, Desert Sand & I come!

The family have just left tonight & I have 2 days to get myself sorted out for a glorious 2 whole weeks (well...nearly 3!) of NO cooking, NO vacuuming..but alas, no mini making either...other than weaving the odd basket while I lounge in the sun in the UAE! Today has been a "killer"...thank goodness the sun was shining...I managed to wash, dry & iron the bedding from 5 beds & even remake them & the last batch of towels are drying now. I'm definitely ready for bed!
Before I disappear for a while I leave you with some sweet nibbles to have with your morning coffee or afternoon tea...just don't sue me if you break your teeth on them! :-))

You can see that I'm STILL undecided over black or white background


Linda Carswell said...

They are amazing....really wonderful!!!
You don't need to worry about what colour background to use when you have such fabulous miniatures to photograph!!
Have a great holiday!


Kathy said...

They look very cute and delicious!

Hanna said...

I agree... it is a risk that one brakes a tooth, they look so yummy!I have a thing for french pastries to, some day I want to go to France and try them out at Laduree.

The background color is hard to choose :) I like them both! Hanna

Garden of Miniatures said...

Oh,oh,what a seduction,I think you know ,what I mean;-)!And it's really unimportant,which kind of background ,your delicious food looks perfect everywhere.But for looking in the internet perhaps you should always take a photo in both prospects.Hugs,Jeannette x

Patty said...

Linda, I love your sweets! Both backgrounds work!! OOOOH! Lucky You to be heading off to the sun! It sounds like you need a vacation from it all. Have a wonderful time with your daughter!!!!

Plushpussycat said...

Wow! These treats are magnificent!