Sunday 13 February 2011

A new use for rhubarb!

I can't wait for the first rhubarb shoots to appear in my garden...when they do, I'll know that spring is really here & that summer won't be too far away! It seems to have been a very long winter & here in the North East of England we are back to the grey, miserable days where it just never seems to get light! I'd much rather have those freezing cold, sunny days with the snow on the ground than these never ending grey.....apart from anything else, the snow covers up all the jobs that are crying out to be done in the garden! :-))

Having made the miniature rhubarb, I had a real urge to have some of the real thing & decided to try something just a little different with the last of my frozen rhubarb from last year....instead of a traditional pie with custard, as wonderful as it is, I made a rhubarb meringue pie!...I can recommend it....the tartness of the rhubarb with the sweetness of the meringue...mmmm. Then, guess what, yep, I had to make a mini version! Sadly I couldn't photograph the two together as there wasn't a crumb left from the real thing!


Debbie said...

I Love Rhubarb Lin. Just waiting for ours to pop out of the ground..x

kimsminiatures said...

Love it Linda. Your creations are always so true to life and never look like clay. Hugs~ Kim

onbeingaminimum said...

Yum, yum!

María José- LugArt petit said...

Wow! Spectacular work! I become follower of your blog. Hugs from Spain

Yolandaj said...

Te a quedado espectacular. Besos

Patty said...

Linda, This came out so wonderful! Your meringue is perfect!!

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