Thursday 29 April 2010

Bread & Butter!

I have been so sick of having to make handbag cakes recently that, having managed to make the roll top bread box (thanks to Lauretta's wonderful class) I decided to have a "little" break & make some more breads.....I had forgotten how relaxing it is to make something so simple as rustic breads! :-))
I've surrounded a central bowl of butter curls with a selection of breads & displayed the lot in a hand woven , 2 handled, bread tray, lined with red gingham.....the tray I actually made sitting in the sun in the UAE...see how sad I am...even on holiday, I have to be making something!! LOL


Ascension said...

besitos ascension

Christel said...

Looks great Linda:) Thanks for the carb carving just before bedtime;)
I am just like that too, have to take something with me on holiday in case of boredom;)..LOL:)

Jo Raines said...

How something so simple as rustic breads can be so beautiful! I love them! And the basket and red checked cloth is perfect.


kimsminiatures said...

Bread and butter.....Yum my favorites. I can eat them everyday but shouldn't Lol Your mini ones make so hungry for the real thing. Beautiful little butter curls. Hugs~ Kim