Friday 5 March 2010

strawberry choc pedestal

strawberry choc pedestal 
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I didn't think it was possible to get sick of chocolate...believe me it is! Only when you have been sitting for hours & hours & hours...days even, making thousands of tiny chocolates!
After I had completed the commission for the chocolates, I had quite a few left over so this little pedestal with a selection of strawberry chocolates was born.
Now to find some REAL chocolate...I think I deserve it after making all those inedible ones! :-))


Linda Carswell said...

Oh.... this is soooo sweet, I love it!!!

Linda x

Jo Raines said...

Such pretty little sweets on a pretty pedestal server! Yes, I get through the winter on dark chocolate covered almond nuggets from Hershey's.


Christel said...

Yepp this is tiny;) I know how you must feel. Very beautiful work. Looks like the real thing:)

JDayMinis said...

Beautiful, love the colours too. You really deserve some real chocolate! We all deserve real chocolate, oh dear, you are inspiring!